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Since 1994, Litigation Solutions, LLC has provided persuasion strategies as well as tactical support for pretrial database management and evidence presentation during jury trials, mediation and arbitration. We are a one-stop shop from eDiscovery through appeal.

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Multimedia Trial Presentations

As an attorney, you know that your case culminates in the courtroom – a virtual theater that merges living law and client advocacy with your legal knowledge and oratory skill. Let us help you set the stage with an electronic presentation of your case evidence and demonstrative exhibits.

Demonstrative Trial Exhibits

Whether you need a settlement brochure, a PowerPoint presentation for your next hearing or conference, an accident scene reconstruction or an animated timeline, we can help you. Our services include: Settlement Brochures; PowerPoint Presentations; Expert Witness Presentation Support; Interactive Timelines; Video & Audio Clips; X-ray Displays; Accident and Crime Scene Reconstruction; Still Photos from Video

Pretrial Preparation & Support

If you’re a small or mid-sized law firm with a case that has exceeded your ability to manage it with your current staff and resources, keep it and your client in-house by hiring Litigation Solutions to help. By combining traditional tools and cutting-edge technology, we offer proven scalable solutions.


eDiscovery is more pivotal than ever in almost every case. Upload, process, OCR, analyze, review, produce, and share all your discovery in our secure, comprehensive cloud-based solution. We offer affordable and complete processing and hosting for the whole discovery process. No matter the size or complexity, we make the procedure organized, secure, collaborative and user-friendly, all for an affordable and predictable price.

Core Services

Our team of skilled evidence presentation specialists has almost 30 years of trial experience in the justice system.
We are experienced in federal and state courts as well as mediation and arbitration, with reliable, proven results.

Hot Seat Trial Tech
Remote Trial & Witness Support
Arbitration & Mediation Presentation
Demonstrative Trial Exhibits & Graphics
Working with Expert Witnesses
Evidence Scanning & Coding
Database Preparation & Maintenance
Hyperlinked eBriefs for Court Filings
Video & Audio Transcription & Synchronization
Video Conversions & File Conversions
Video & Audio Editing & Clip Preparation & Video Stills
Project Management
eDiscovery Hosting & DIY Tools
Digital Forensics