Over 30 Years of Consistent Trial Experience

Sample of Civil Trials

  • Ward v. Schaffer, USDC-MA, Mar 2022
  • Colony Grill Devel., LLC, et al v. Colony Grill, Inc., et al, USDC-CT, Aug 2021
  • Dur-A-Flex v. Dy, et al, Hartford Superior Court, May 2021
  • SEC v. Westport Capital, USDC-New Haven, Mar 2020
  • C. Williams, Adm. v. Lawrence & Memorial Hosp., New London Superior Court, Nov 2019
  • City of Hartford v. Centerplan, Hartford Superior Court, Jul 2019
  • Allstate v. Rothman, Woodbury, NJ, Jul 2019
  • Allstate v. Summit, Woodbury, NJ, May 2019
  • Nevins v. BLT, The Bronx, NY, Apr 2019
  • Dougherty v. WCA, Gainesville, FL, Sep 2018
  • Dur-A-Flex v. Dy, Hartford Superior Court, May 2018
  • Magnuson v. Schulster, Bridgeport Superior Court, Jul 2018
  • Van Elswyk v. RBS, USDC-New Haven, Mar 2018
  • Semac Electric. Co. v. Skanska USA, Hartford Superior Court, Aug 2017
  • Pfister v. Madison Beach Hotel, New Haven Superior Court, Aug 2017
  • Hochman v. McCarthy, Nassau County, NY, Jul 2016
  • Hartford Roman Catholic Diosecan Corp. v. Interstate Fire & Casualty, USDC-New Haven, Apr 2016
  • City of Hartford v. CVB Parking, Hartford Superior Court, Feb 2016
  • Sarin v. Farmington Family Dentistry, Hartford Superior Court, 2015
  • Panolam v. F & F Compolite Group, USDC-Hartford, May-Jun, 2015
  • Starkman v. City of Long Beach, Supreme Court, Nassau County, NY, Jan-Feb 2014
  • Champeau, Admx. Estate of Haskell v. Blitzer, New Haven Superior Court, CT Jun-Jul, 2013
  • R.T. Vanderbilt Co. v. Hartford Accident Ins., et al, Waterbury Complex Litigation, May-Jun, 2013
  • ING v. UPS, USDC, New York, NY, Oct 2012
  • R.T. Vanderbilt Co., v. Hartford Accident Ins., et al, Waterbury Complex Litigation, Aug 2012
  • Wright v. DB, New Haven Superior Court, May 2012
  • NPC Partners v. Kowaleski, Middletown Superior Court, September, Nov 2011
  • Schiano v. Hartford Ins. Group, Litchfield Superior Court, May 2011
  • Malloy v. ProHealth, et al., Hartford Superior Court, Apr 2011
  • Tumosa v. Sasonov, Hartford Superior Court, Jul 2010
  • People’s United Bank v. PeoplesBank, USDC-New Haven, May 2010
  • Dur-A-Flex v. Laticrete, Waterbury Complex Litigation Docket, Mar-May 2010
  • Master Halco v. SDN, USDC-New Haven, Apr-May 2010
  • Allstate v. PRA Dev, et al, Hartford Superior Court, Apr-May 2010 2009
  • Katz v. Doctors, et al, Supreme Court, Queens, NY, Oct 2009
  • Dilisio v. Exxon Mobil, Windham Superior Court, Jun 2009
  • Rock Acquisition v. State of CT Comm’r of Transp., Danbury Superior Court, Jun 2009
  • White v. USTAF, New Haven Superior Court, May 2009
  • Little v. City, Waterbury Complex Litigation Docket, May 2009
  • Mahon v. Malibu Boats, Feb 2009
  • Chaves v. Exxon Mobil, Dec 2008
  • Grogan v. Jilani, Nov 2008
  • Rock Acquisition v. State of CT Comm’r of Transp., Sep 2008
  • Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. v. John Deere & Co., et al., Jul 2008
  • Bridgeport Harbour Place v. Joseph Ganim, et al, May 2008
  • Orefice v. Secondino, Dec 2007
  • Nielson v. Outback, Nov 2007
  • Wagner v. Vizioli, Oct 2007
  • New England Estates v. Town of Branford, Aug 2007
  • Brandt v. MIT, Mar 2007
  • Biesty v. Lutheran Medical Center, et al, Mar 2007
  • Emerald Inv. v. Porter Bridge Loan Co., 2007
  • Garcia v. St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, Apr 2007
  • Batal v. Associated Universities, Inc., et al, May 2007
  • Mayne v. Hindin, Feb 2007
  • Cooper v. Breen, Jul 2006
  • Raynock v. Forward Manufacturing, May 2006
  • Souza, Nov 2006
  • Novak v. Hertz, May 2006
  • Walker v. SONY, Feb 2006
  • Gallant v. O’Connor, et al, Sep 2005
  • Cooper v. Breen, Jul 2005
  • Albero v. Miller, Jul 2004
  • Russo v. City of Hartford, Mar 2004

Sample of Criminal Trials

  • US v. Patel
  • State v. Maharg, Oct 2022
  • US v. Rankin, Dec 2021
  • US v. Freeman, Nov 2021
  • US v. Chavez, Sep 2021
  • State v. Correa, Jun 2021
  • US v. Vaughn, May 2021
  • US v. Cook, Aug 2018
  • US v. Cardona-Diaz, Oct 2017
  • State v. Sanderson, May 2017
  • US v. Benton, Mar 2017
  • US v. Lillemoe, Nov 2016
  • US v. Stanley, Dec 2016
  • US v. Martone, Sep 2015
  • US v. Vaillette, Sep 2015
  • State v. Damato, Feb 2014
  • Mack v. Warden, Jan 2014
  • State v. Fair (JuryPoll), Jun 2013
  • Boyd v. Warden, Jan 2013
  • State v. Schaffer, Apr 2012
  • US v. Johnson, Feb 2012
  • State v. Komisarjevsky, Sep-Dec 2011
  • US v. EarthTech, et al, Oct-Nov 2011
  • State v. Singleton, Aug 2011
  • US v. Aquart, Jun 2011
  • State v. Browne, Feb 2011
  • US v. Cromitie, Sep 2010
  • State v. Williams, Jul 2010
  • US v. Pearson, Nov 2009
  • Burnes v. Warden, Nov 2009
  • State v. Jones, Mar-Apr 2009
  • State v. Robertson, Mar 2009
  • State v. Dillon, Mar 2009
  • State v. Otto, Dec 2008
  • State v. Gizzi, Nov 2008
  • Torres v. Warden, Jul-Sep 2007
  • State v. Stanley, Aug 2007
  • US v. Stora Enso, Jul 2007
  • State v. Lockhart, Jun 2006
  • State v. Jones, Apr 2006
  • State v. Colon, Apr 2006
  • State v. Terwilliger, Aug 2005
  • State v. Ervin, Aug 2005
  • State v. Smith, Aug 2005
  • US v. Gonzalez, Oct 2004
  • State v. Mills, Sep 2004
  • US v. Perez, May 2004
  • US v. Ivanov, 2001

Hear It From Our Clients

In today’s day and age, attorneys litigating cases with digital evidence need Connecticut’s own Litigation Solutions, LLC on their team. We have utilized LS in the past and have found their assistance to be invaluable in and out of the courtroom. Just recently we concluded a month-long triple homicide trial. Discovery in the case was voluminous: thousands of police reports; dozens of written statements; hundreds of photographs; several surveillance videos and witness interviews in various formats; numerous phone extractions with enormous data; and well over 200 exhibits in a variety of formats.

With LS’s Luke Foran on the defense team, our data management of admitted evidence was in good hands. We were able to scan and copy all exhibits entered into evidence (in real time, right in the courtroom) and then publish those exhibits to the jury with superior technology – including on-the-fly annotations (such as zooming in and circling or inserting an arrow to a critical piece of evidence) – while conducting witness examinations and closing arguments. Luke also created timelines to aid the jury during certain witness examinations and assisted in putting together a PowerPoint presentation – with annotated exhibits, transcripts, and quotes from prior testimony/interviews – to illustrate to the jury significant pieces of evidence.

We highly recommending LS and cannot imagine trying a complex case without them.

Joseph E. Lopez

Director of Complex Litigation
Office of Chief Public Defender
Hartford, CT
860-509-6492 (T)

I have worked with Marie on several different projects. She is a leader in litigation and trial support technologies. I frequently recommend her services to others and do so without hesitation. Not only is Marie highly skilled and proficient in use of technologies, but she has an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience as to what works in litigation and trial.

She is a great asset to any litigation or trial team.

N. Kane Bennett, Esq.

Aeton Law Partners LLP
Centerpoint Drive
Middletown, CT 06457

Litigation Solutions has assisted us with a number of significant complex cases with very creative and clear evidence presentations. Their unique talent is to join in the preparation process and then to allow us to focus at trial without worry about whether the jury is ‘getting it.’

They beat expectations every time.

Jim Bergenn, Esq., Partner

Shipman & Goodwin LLP
One Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103-1919

With the help of Litigation Solutions at trial we were able to keep the jury focused on the key facts of the case through a creative presentation and graphics perfectly orchestrated to plug-in relevant testimony and documentary evidence to the time line of our case.

Litigation Solution’s production staff is not only outstanding in terms of their skill and professionalism, but they were dedicated to serving our client and were available to us at a moment’s notice.

Moira L. Buckley, Esq.

Law Office of Moira L. Buckley
55 Oak Street
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 724-1325

I’ve been fortunate to work with Marie Mullaney and her excellent team twice in recent years.

In the first instance, among her many contributions, Marie enabled three attorneys working from three different offices to share access to an extensive database of case-related materials that Litigation Solutions created from a massive set of paper documents. Her team then supported us through a lengthy trial, serving as the proverbial backbone of the operation.

Turning quickly to another trial, Litigation Solutions provided invaluable assistance, most notably in helping prepare a well-received closing argument (presentation).

Beyond Litigation Solutions’ professionalism, which, by now, should be a given, I find the team’s insights into the trial process (for example, how jurors receive evidence or potential argument) extremely useful.

Todd Bussert, Member

Frost|Bussert LLC
129 Church Street, Suite 226
New Haven, CT 06510

I had the privilege of working with Marie Mullaney on two trials and several other projects since I met her back in 2003. Marie was brought in for her expertise with CaseMap, CT Summation and TrialDirector. I’ve worked with her from start to finish; from setting up databases, to downloading documents, transcripts and video, to ultimately using the information at trial. Marie has command over every facet. During one of the trials, Marie assisted with presenting evidence with TrialDirector for approximately five weeks. Her knowledge and ability with using TrialDirector made the presentation of evidence seamless. It was like watching a scripted show.

Her expertise, dedication and professionalism have left me nothing but impressed. I would honestly recommend her to anyone.

Elizabeth Caron, Paralegal

Shipman & Goodwin LLP
One Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103-1919

I wish that all trial lawyers would take a minute and experience how almost any trial can be transformed by the technology that Marie Mullaney, of Litigation Solutions, has mastered.

The glazed stare of a jury numb from dull repetitive questioning will be the rare exception. Trial exhibits whether documents, illustrations, video, deposition or trial testimony can all be used to tie questions with answers by the use of a visual aid. The elicitation of testimony goes from dry and pedantic to visual, auditory and fluid. The testimony is presented in a modality that has become the way people learn in daily life.

You see a jury transfixed with an array of documents enlarged and highlighted and able to be spontaneously used to challenge a witness or to allow an expert to further elucidate a point being made; an illustration presented large, bright and colorful; a six foot high x-ray clearly showing a rod protruding into a knee joint; the video of the witness’s deposition testimony presented to contradict and impeach; or a passage from the trial testimony six foot high that directly contradicts the witness testimony at trial.

Marie Mullaney is ahead of the curve. The technology she offers has changed to way I present evidence to the jury.

I can not recommend her expertise strongly enough. I would be more than happy to answer any question about the conclusions I’ve expressed here.

Robert N. Danzi, Esq.

The Law Office of Robert N. Danzi
900 Merchants Concourse
Westbury, NY 11590

Litigation Solutions has it all: knowledge, vision, professionalism, diligence, and passion.

We’ve enjoyed working with them on a number of projects for a number of years.

Frank DiMatteo, Legal Technology Specialist

Office of the Chief Public Defender State of Connecticut
30 Trinity Street 4th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Marie and her staff are technically superb, but they are so much more. How can I put it? They are ghost jurors and cheerleaders and antidotes to fading memory. As ghost jurors, they watch the proceedings with keen interest and, at the end of the day, can provide valuable insights into the progress of the trial. As cheerleaders, they become committed advocates of the side they are assisting, and, at the end of the day (especially bad days) they encourage and goad us on.

As antidotes to fading memory, they learn the documents so well that if you ask them “Didn’t some guy say something that had to do with something?” they will retrieve in a minute or two the document that you can almost remember. (They are even faster if you can be just a little more precise.)

I can hardly wait for Marie’s new project — an efficient and economical way to moot your presentations before mock juries electronically — to be up and running.

Jeremiah Donovan

Law Office of Jeremiah Donovan
123 Elm St, PO Box 554
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Telephone: +1 (203) 388-3750

Our experience with Litigation Solutions, LLC in the matter of Bridgeport Harbour Place I, LLC v. Ganim, et al in Complex Litigation in Waterbury, and again in Grogan v. Jilani, tried last fall before Judge Everleigh, was tops. The performance in the courtroom as well as the assistance that they gave us in both trials was terrific. We recommend Litigation Solutions, LLC to any lawyer in need of computer assistance in the courtroom.

William F. Gallagher

The Gallagher Law Firm
1377 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard
New Haven, CT 06509-1925

Litigation Solutions provided our firm with everything trial counsel could want for support: organization, dedication, and a understanding of the dynamics of the courtroom and the essentials of persuasion. They mastered the trial exhibits so that everything was at our fingertips when needed.

Tim Hollister, Esq., Partner

Shipman & Goodwin LLP
One Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103-1919

Litigation Solutions allows the trial lawyer to clearly and efficiently present important visual evidence to a jury. I have used Litigation Solutions to show photos, maps, diagrams and cell phone records at trial in a way that allows the entire jury to follow along without the need to continually pass exhibits to each juror. The technology employed by Litigation Solutions also allows the lawyer to visually isolate a key portion of an exhibit and thereby keep the jury’s attention focused on the important parts of the case.

I have been very pleased with Litigation Solutions and plan to retain the company for future trials.

Jeffrey C. Kestenband, Esq.

Tindall & Kestenband, LLC
170 Grandview Avenue
Waterbury, CT 06708

I am a recent convert to electronic trials – and a slow one at that – but I am a HUGE BELIEVER in Litigation Solutions, LLC and Marie Mullaney. Marie and Luke Foran provided us with everything we needed to effectively present our case. They were knowledgeable, efficient and creative. Moreover, they were an absolute pleasure to deal with personally. I could not recommend them more highly!

Richard A. Levan

Levan Legal, LLC
Two Bala Plaza
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

We have used Litigation Solutions, LLC. for Summation training and support and found them invaluable. Their level of service, knowledge of the Summation software and legal applications, and their availability for ongoing support and emergencies has always been excellent.

Frank Mauri, IT Manager

Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C.
One State Street – Suite 2400
Hartford, CT 06103

Litigation Solutions has been an invaluable asset to our firm when preparing and presenting electronic evidence at trial. The visual effect of presenting electronic evidence using trial presentation software is far more effective than passing paper throughout a courtroom. The jury becomes increasingly more engaged and alert. Marie Mullaney is on the cutting edge for litigation support and trial presentation needs.

Jeanne McCluskey

Litigation Support Director
Halloran & Sage
One Goodwin Square
225 Asylum Street Hartford, CT 06103

The people at Litigation Solutions are innovative, responsive, and highly skilled at using all the latest tools for electronic presentation of evidence. By using their services, you will learn more effective ways to present your cases and better serve your clients.

In short, Litigation Solutions is a terrific company and working with them is a pleasure.

KK Meyer

Director of Training
Office of Chief Public Defender
30 Trinity St., 4th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106

Marie is a true professional. She does excellent work. You should not try a jury case without her at your side.

Bruce Raymond

Raymond Law Group LLC
90 National Drive
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Litigation Solutions and Marie Mullaney provided superb service to us as we prepared for, and then tried, a federal death penalty case. They helped us organize a large amount of documents, worked with us closely in terms of coordinating exhibits with witness examinations, and were invaluable to us during trial. The fact that they were in control of the demonstrative presentation of exhibits to the jury freed us up to focus on all the other pressing issues at trial.

Marie and others in her office were always available to us, including the inevitable 11th hour changes to examinations. Their patience, willingness to modify things when needed, and understanding that last minute changes are an inevitable part of trial made their services incredibly valuable to us.
br/>On top of that, their professionalism, coupled with their enthusiasm and positive outlooks, made them an extremely valuable part of the defense team in court. Since our extremely positive interaction with Marie, I have recommended her to numerous attorneys, and can say that all I have ever heard, in terms of other attorney’s experience, is glowing praise.

I recommend without hesitation the services provided by Marie Mullaney and her staff at Litigation Solutions.

Richard R. Reeve, Esq.

Sheehan & Reeve
139 Orange Street Suite 301
New Haven, CT 06510

It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who is good at what they do, and Marie Mullaney is just superb. When we have worked together she has made the technology work cleanly and has been able to integrate the visual and audio presentations seamlessly with the other parts of our trial presentation. Marie has also been able to put together exhibits and modify documents on the fly, and she regularly has great suggestions for improving our presentation. Last but not least, she is cool and calm in a pinch.

Working with her is always one of the best parts of any trial.

David N. Rosen, Esq.

David Rosen & Associates, PC
400 Orange Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Litigation Solutions is an incredibly competent and extremely skilled trial consultant. Its proficiency with the TrialDirector program allowed us to present a fact intensive, document heavy trial in a manner that was readily understandable to the jury. We were able to focus the jury’s attention on the most relevant and persuasive points in the evidence and we were able to turn what could have been a complicated closing argument into a seamless, compelling story. Marie Mullaney, in particular, became a valuable part of the trial team. She was both responsive and insightful.

We have since used Litigation Solutions to train our paralegals with both the Summation and TrialDirector programs. Marie has a been a great teacher.

James T. (Tim) Shearin, Esq., Member

Pullman & Comley, LLC
850 Main Street P.O. Box 7006
Bridgeport, CT 06601-7006

Marie and her staff at Litigation Solutions were essential in our task of organizing voluminous discovery and later presenting our visuals in the courtroom. They easily became part of our team and were wonderful to work with.

Michael Sheehan, co-counsel for the defense in United States v. Perez, a federal capital case tried to a life verdict in New Haven, CT.

Michael Sheehan, Esq.

Sheehan & Reeve
350 Orange Street Suite 101
New Haven, CT 06510

Dear Marie – I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased we all were with the services Litigation Solutions provided in our case, Rock Acquisition v. State of Connecticut. This was an extremely difficult and complicated case. The hard work of you and everyone at Litigation Solutions allowed us highlight and effectively explain our position to the Court in addition to revealing the defects in the defendant’s case and arguments. Also, your insights in to how to best visually present our proof and a time line during the trial was invaluable. In twenty five years of trying cases in the State and Federal Courts I have never seen a more professional litigation support organization. I cannot thank you enough. Also, I cannot recommend Litigation Solutions highly enough. If we are ever in need of litigation support we will call Litigation Solutions. Thanks again. Jay Skelton.

James J. Skelton, Esq.

47 Lilalyn Drive
Fairfield, Connecticut 06825
P (2034) 371-4568
F (203) 371-4795

I was recently part of a three-lawyer team who represented a Plaintiff in a multi-party five-month trial. I can say unequivocally that Litigation Solutions provided us with an edge we would have never had. Marie Mullaney, the principal, kept us on track, made impressive evidence exhibits and handled video, sound and print with ease.

Anyone contemplating such an endeavor should talk to Marie and find out how she can help you make a more effective presentation. Litigation Solutions is clearly the best at what they do.

William J. Sweeney, Jr., Esq.

Law Office of William J. Sweeney, Jr., LLC
One Liberty Square
New Britain, CT 06051
860-827-6453 (T)
860-225-0626 (F)


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Over 35 Years of Trial Experience

Marie Mullaney

Founder and President

A certified litigation paralegal, Ms. Mullaney has been doing pretrial and trial work since 1982. When she began her career, Marie used paper, a pen, and a Dictaphone! After serving as a paralegal for twelve years, Marie founded Litigation Solutions in 1994.
As new technology became available, Marie incorporated it in into her practice. In fact, in 2006 she and her attorney client were the first in Connecticut to file a hyper-linked eBrief in conjunction with a motion for summary judgment. Marie is quoted in or writes about technology issues for the media. Before starting her company, Marie was a paralegal first for Morrison, Mahoney & Miller in Boston Massachusetts (n/k/a Morrison Mahoney), Robinson & Cole in Hartford, CT and then for Cohn & Birnbaum (n/k/a Cohn, Birnbaum & Shea), also in Hartford. She attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (BS, Resource Economics) and recently received her Master’s Degree in Communications (Interactive Media) from Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT in 2013.  She became CEDS certified in 2018 through ACEDS. She is also certified in OnCue.