Remote Testimony is Here to Stay

Hot Seat Trial Technician

Improve the power and clarity of your case story to the judge and jury by using a professional presentation specialist.  We manage the presentation, following your cues to display evidence, demonstratives, impeachment video clips, etc.

Remote Trial & Witness Support

We coordinate your online legal proceedings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, your choice.  Participate from anywhere.  We assist you with the display of exhibits and demonstratives via sophisticated presentation software designed to focus attention on your case evidence.

Arbitration & Mediation Presentation

We support you as you conduct your arbitration or mediation by presenting your evidence electronically just as we would in court. We build demonstrative exhibits, charts, timelines, and make video clips, making your mediation position ‘paper’ more visually powerful and  your arbitration evidence visually more compelling.

Fulfill Jury Expectations – Expand Your Toolbox

Keep your facts clear and in context with the elements of your case – show jurors when events took place with an animated timeline. Quickly maneuver around various categories of events or streamline focus to the key events, all the while linking exhibits, video, photos or demonstratives at will.
Demonstrative Trial Exhibits & Graphics

Vividly present the facts of a case with demonstrative trial exhibits. We are experts at timelines, charts, summaries, 2D and 3D accident & scene reconstruction, and chronologies.  We’ll take your data and transform it into graphics and charts that jurors will easily understand.

Equipment & Technology Set-Up

Your presentation doesn’t need to be out-of-date just because the venue is. Let us come set-up our presentation equipment and show you how everything will work.