Evidence Scanning & Coding

As evidence comes in, we can identify it, scan it and Bates-stamp it, upload/download and/or code it – freeing you and your team to focus on other case activities.  We build your trial database from whatever materials you have, digitizing and/or converting as necessary, to prepare and manage your case evidence for professional courtroom presentation.

Database Preparation & Maintenance

We’re highly proficient in many litigation support database programs – enabling us to integrate any preexisting databases.

We work with all types of evidence including paper, video, wiretaps, digital images, virtually any materials produced during the discovery and eDiscovery phase. If your experts and trial team members are located in different states, we successfully set up secure procedures for low cost remote access to online materials.

Hyperlinked Briefs for Court Filings

Litigation Solutions was the first in Connecticut to produce a hyper-linked eBrief copy of a pleading filed in court in 2006 as part of a motion for summary judgment. With this service, you get a flash drive containing all exhibits, case law, deposition transcripts and video (if any) linked to your legal brief in PDF format.

Working with Expert Witnesses

Experienced and coordinated support for your expert witnesses.  We assist with their accompanying visuals – helping them to better help you.

Video & Audio Transcription & Synchronization

We convert your videos, whatever file type, to uniform video formats for courtroom playback.  We synchronize video with text files, audio transcriptions (we make audio transcripts, too!), and deposition transcript text files.

Video Conversions & File Conversions

We take your surveillance videos, video deposition testimony, and other video evidence in whatever format to make “clips” of the key segments for use during trial. We also convert as necessary to correct formats for courtroom playback and/or insertion in PDF or PowerPoint files.

Video & Audio Editing & Clip Preparation & Video Stills

Need to capture one scene from a video? We can do that for you, giving you contextual photographs for your trial presentation.  Need to prepare a ‘slow motion’ series of still images to focus the jury on key evidence?  We do that, too, including annotations or animation as you need.