Helping Public Defenders since 2002 with Litigation Support

Hot Seat Trial Tech

Improve the power and clarity of your case story to the judge and jury by using a professional presentation specialist.  We manage the presentation, following your cues to display evidence, demonstratives, impeachment video clips, etc.

eDiscovery Hosting & DIY Tools

If trial is next month or next year, you still need somewhere to keep all that information. We offer hosting for all types of ESI. Take a load off the computer and your personal cloud systems.

Database Preparation & Maintenance

We’re highly proficient in many litigation support database programs – enabling us to integrate any preexisting databases.

We work with all types of evidence including paper, video, wiretaps, digital images, virtually any materials produced during the discovery and eDiscovery phase. If your experts and trial team members are located in different states, we successfully set up secure procedures for low cost remote access to online materials.

Video & Audio Editing & Clip Preparation & Video Stills

Need to capture one scene from a video? We can do that for you, giving you a contextual photographs for your trial presentation.  Need to prepare a 'slow motion' series of still images to focus the jury on key evidence?  We do that, too, including annotations or animation as you need.

What The Clients Have to Say:

In today’s day and age, attorneys litigating cases with digital evidence need Connecticut’s own Litigation Solutions, LLC on their team. We have utilized LS in the past and have found their assistance to be invaluable in and out of the courtroom. Just recently we concluded a month-long triple homicide trial. Discovery in the case was voluminous: thousands of police reports; dozens of written statements; hundreds of photographs; several surveillance videos and witness interviews in various formats; numerous phone extractions with enormous data; and well over 200 exhibits in a variety of formats. With LS’s Luke Foran on the defense team, our data management of admitted evidence was in good hands. We were able to scan and copy all exhibits entered into evidence (in real time, right in the courtroom) and then publish those exhibits to the jury with superior technology – including on-the-fly annotations (such as zooming in and circling or inserting an arrow to a critical piece of evidence) – while conducting witness examinations and closing arguments. Luke also created timelines to aid the jury during certain witness examinations and assisted in putting together a PowerPoint presentation – with annotated exhibits, transcripts, and quotes from prior testimony/interviews – to illustrate to the jury significant pieces of evidence. We highly recommending LS and cannot imagine trying a complex case without them.

Joseph E. Lopez

Director of Complex Litigation
Office of Chief Public Defender
Hartford, CT
860-509-6492 (T)

Litigation Solutions and Marie Mullaney provided superb service to us as we prepared for, and then tried, a federal death penalty case. They helped us organize a large amount of documents, worked with us closely in terms of coordinating exhibits with witness examinations, and were invaluable to us during trial. The fact that they were in control of the demonstrative presentation of exhibits to the jury freed us up to focus on all the other pressing issues at trial.

Marie and others in her office were always available to us, including the inevitable 11th hour changes to examinations. Their patience, willingness to modify things when needed, and understanding that last minute changes are an inevitable part of trial made their services incredibly valuable to us. On top of that, their professionalism, coupled with their enthusiasm and positive outlooks, made them an extremely valuable part of the defense team in court.

Since our extremely positive interaction with Marie, I have recommended her to numerous attorneys, and can say that all I have ever heard, in terms of other attorney’s experience, is glowing praise.

I recommend without hesitation the services provided by Marie Mullaney and her staff at Litigation Solutions.

Richard R. Reeve, Esq.

Sheehan & Reeve
139 Orange Street Suite 301
New Haven, CT 06510

Litigation Solutions has it all: knowledge, vision, professionalism, diligence, and passion. We’ve enjoyed working with them on a number of projects for a number of years.

Frank DiMatteo, Legal Technology Specialist

Office of the Chief Public Defender State of Connecticut
30 Trinity Street 4th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06106

The people at Litigation Solutions are innovative, responsive, and highly skilled at using all the latest tools for electronic presentation of evidence. By using their services, you will learn more effective ways to present your cases and better serve your clients.

In short, Litigation Solutions is a terrific company and working with them is a pleasure.

KK Meyer, Director of Training

Office of Chief Public Defender
30 Trinity St., 4th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106