Litigation Support

Clarify complex plot lines and captivate with visual persuasion

Whether you need a litigation support firm to compile your trial database from scratch or to convert media from one format to another or prepare a hyper-linked pleading, look to Litigation Solutions. As experts in courtroom procedures, we know how to manage and compile evidence pre-trial and then consult with you to help you present it during a trial.

Our litigation support services include:

Database Preparation
Litigation Solutions can build your trial database from whatever materials you have, digitizing and/or converting as necessary, to prepare and manage your case evidence for trouble-free courtroom presentation. We’re highly proficient in many litigation support database programs – enabling us to integrate any pre-existing databases. Our tried-and-true case management systems provide the foundation for quick and uniform access to your data.

We work with all types of evidence including paper, video, wiretaps, digital images, virtually any materials produced during the discovery and e-discovery phase. If your experts and trial team members are located in different states, we have successfully set up secure procedures for low cost remote access to online materials.

Evidence Scanning / Coding
As evidence comes in, we can identify it, scan it and Bates-stamp it, upload/download and/or code it – freeing you and your team to focus on other case activities.

Data / Digital Media Conversion
We take your video deposition testimony and other video evidence in whatever format to make “clips” of the key segments for use during trial. We also convert as necessary to correct formats for courtroom playback and/or insertion in PDF or PowerPoint files.

Hyper-linked e-Briefs
Litigation Solutions was the first in Connecticut to produce a hyper-linked e-Brief copy of a pleading filed in court in 2006 as part of a motion for summary judgment. With this service, you get a CD/DVD containing all exhibits, case law, deposition transcripts and video (if any) linked to your legal brief in PDF format.

Focus Groups / Mock Juries
We support you as you conduct focus groups and mock jury sessions by presenting your evidence electronically just the same as we would in court. We build demonstrative exhibits, charts, timelines, and make video clips as necessary, etc., for your mock trial presentation – eliciting realistic juror feedback and allowing you to test your visual case evidence well in advance of trial.

We make use of many software tools to help you wade through the costly and often confusing e-discovery part of the discovery process – on-site or off-site and flexible according to your needs.

Video / Audio Digitizing, Editing, Synchronization
We can convert VHS to digital format as well as synchronize video with deposition transcript text files, transcriptions, or other similar ASCII files. In addition we offer synchronized DVD for video playback on a computer, a TV or a DVD player.

CD/DVD Video Editing and Duplication
Let Litigation Solutions manage your CD and DVD video editing and duplication needs. Whether you need one copy or 20, we can help you.