Multimedia Presentations

Clarify complex plot lines and captivate with visual persuasion

As an attorney, you know that your case culminates in the courtroom – a virtual theater that merges living law and client advocacy with your legal knowledge and oratory skill. Let us help you set the stage with an electronic presentation of your case evidence and demonstrative exhibits.

Experience matters most at critical times. Litigation Solutions brings wide-ranging courtroom experience to every trial. High proficiency and thoughtful integration of the many litigation support tools further ensures your ability to be the master of all situations which may arise during the course of the trial.

In coordination with your legal presentation to the jury, we visually display your scanned paper documents, photographs, video, surveillance, wiretaps, audio, and e-discovery evidence, as well as timelines, graphs, and charts – capturing the jurors’ attention as you make your points.

With almost 30 years of case management and courtroom experience, and using the latest electronic resources, we help you win over judges, juries and clients – all while maintaining direct control of costs.

Our Multimedia Trial Presentation services include:

Pretrial Preparation and Support

Experience again matters most. Since 1994, Litigation Solutions has spent the majority of its time in the litigation trench – supporting legal professionals in complex litigation from the days before computers were invented to the roller coaster of technological change we experience today. This unique knowledge allows us to effectively work with you and your support staff, using the technological tools best suited for your pre-trial needs:

  • Pre-litigation conferences
  • Mock jury/focus group electronic support
  • Rule 26(f) participation
  • Creating databases for discovery
  • Digitizing & synchronizing your videotaped depositions
  • In-house video production services
  • Creating video clips of witnesses or other video evidence
  • Working with expert witnesses
  • Demonstrative exhibit preparation
  • e-Brief service for pretrial motions

We do it all or we step in just when you need that extra help. Pre-trial preparation includes everything from compiling the evidence database – either from scratch or from your existing database – to consulting with you on how best to present the evidence for maximum impact. With our extensive experience in the courtroom, we can tell you what works and what may not and will advise you accordingly.

Demonstrative Trial Exhibits

Vividly present the facts of a case with demonstrative trial exhibits. We’re experts at timelines, charts, summaries, 2D and 3D accident & scene reconstruction, and chronologies. (See our Trial Graphics page for additional details.)

Mediation and Settlement Preparation and Presentation

Consider the power your evidence may have when you tell your client’s story visually at your next mediation or settlement conference. Litigation Solutions routinely prepares electronic mediation position statements, incorporating video deposition clips of witnesses and experts, scanned paper documents, and other evidence into a self-running presentation (via PowerPoint or other software) that you can share with the judicial authority and opposing counsel, effectively posturing your client’s position well in advance of trial.

Closing Argument Presentations

Your last opportunity to speak directly to the jury is the most critical. What lasting impression will they carry into deliberations? Make it count by visually engaging the jury during your summation – bolster your story and recall your key pieces of evidence with a persuasive illustrative supplement to your closing argument. Our expertise is in capturing snapshots of the evidence presented throughout the trial – in essence, an electronic repository of the key moments of the trial – giving you the visual foundation of your closing.

Read our Dur-A-Flex case study to see how one attorney made the best closing argument of his career – resulting in the largest jury verdict in CT history.