Trial Graphics

Clarify complex plot lines and captivate with visual persuasion

Whether you need a settlement brochure, a PowerPoint presentation for your next hearing or conference, an accident scene reconstruction or an animated timeline, we can help you.

Our services include:

Settlement Brochures / PowerPoint Presentations
We can convert your evidence into the appropriate formats for inclusion in a digital brochure or PPT presentations you run yourself.

Expert Witness Presentation Support
We provide a visual bridge for your experts by working with them to help them visually share their work product either pre-trial with the litigation team or during their testimony at trial.

Keep your facts clear and in context with the elements of your case – show jurors when events took place with an animated timeline. Quickly maneuver around various categories of events or streamline focus to the key events, all the while linking exhibits, video, photos or demonstratives at will.

Video / Audio
Our pre-trial video and audio support services include formatting clips and adding them to the trial database as well as formatting video and audio for courtroom playback or syncing it with text-based evidence.

Graphs / Charts
We’ll take your data and transform it into graphics and charts that jurors will easily understand.

X-ray Display
Often medical images such as CT scans and X-rays are small and difficult to see. We enlarge and capture these images – making it easier for juries to view at trial on the projection screen or courtroom monitors.

Accident and Crime Screen Reconstruction
From simple to complex, we can reconstruct your accident and crime scenes. We work with our own in-house tools as well as with nationally recognized animators to present data including animations of medical issues, bullet trajectories, witness movements, crime scene re-enactments, etc.

Still Photos from Video
Need to capture one scene from a video? We can do that for you, giving you a contextual photograph for your trial presentation.